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Winco 25FPTOC-3 25kW Tractor Driven PTO Generator 1000 RPM. $2700 free shipping
Winco 25FPTOC-3 25kW Tractor Driven PTO Generator 1000 RPM. $2700 free shipping
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Modrel 25PTOC-3/J 1000 RPM. SALE $2700. Free shipping. Since WINCO entered the PTO generator business in the 1940's we have built durable products that are made in America. The 25PTOC-3 continues the tradition by combining a powerful and durable generator system that is machined, wound, assembled and tested in WINCO's Le Center, Minnesota, production facility. The rotating armature design has proven durable over the years by logging tens of thousands of hours in the field.

Product Specifications:

  • # Power Rating: 25,000 Watts
  • A/C Output: 120/240 Volts
  • Cont. Current Rating: 104 Amps
  • Motor Starting Ability: 10 hp
  • Generator Speed: 3600 rpm
  • Shaft Diameter: 1 1/8 in. - keyed
  • Input Drive Speed: 1000 rpm
  • Tractor HP Required: 50

Product Features:

  • 25kW of power will ensure that you have the energy you need when you need it
  • Uses your tractor engine to generate electricity
  • Covered under 3 Year Residential Warranty
  • PTO input speed of 540 RPM
  • Requires a 50 horsepower engine to operate

Product Technologies / Benefits:

  • Multiple Applications - Generate electricity to power tools on the farm or ranch, or backup your home, barn or buildings during a power outage.
  • Low Harmonic Content (<8%) produces clean and safe electricity for sensitive electronics.
  • Mainline circuit breaker protects generator and appliances from overload.
  • Large voltmeter allows you to easily monitor your power usage right from your tractor seat.
  • Cast iron gear case is constructed from rugged, high-quality material designed to weather the outdoors.
  • The full power Anderson style receptacle is perfect for hooking up a manual transfer switch.



Maximum Power Rating (watts)

25000 watts

25000 watts

120/240 volts

Power Factor (pf)

1.0 pf

"Phase, Frequency"

1-phase, 60 hz

Continuous Current Rating (A.C

104 amps

Motor Starting Ability (hp)

10 hp

Generator Type (R.F.B/R.F.L/R.


A.C. Volt Meter


Generator Speed (rpm)

3600 rpm

Shaft Diameter (Inches)

1-1/8 in.-keyed

Min Drive Hp Required

50 hp

Input Drive Speed (rpm)

1000 rpm

Type/Drive Rotation Direction

PTO/PTO Direction

Single Point Lifting Eye


120 Volt Receptacles

Straight Blade (NEMA 5-20R), 2-20 amp

240 Volt Receptacles

Straight Blade (NEMA 6-50R), 1-50 amp

120/240 Volt Receptacles

Full Power Receptacle, Standard

Circuit Breakers (Main Breaker

100 amp

L x W x H (in.)

28.5 x 15.7 x 19.7 in.

Net Wet (lbs.)

302 lbs.

Warranty (Generator)

3 yrs

Accessories (Trailer Kit)

97100 Medium PTO Trailer
     Compatible with the following generators:
Off-Road Tires
     Allows for easy maneuverability

Accessories (T-Bar Tumbling Bar)

43990-000  Tumbling Bar 25Kw only $230.00


List Price: $3,220.00
Price: $2,700.00

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