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ASCO Series 185 ATS, 100 Amp, 2 Pole, 120/240 Volt, Nema 3 Outdoor Enclosure, P/N 185A2100F4M Free Shipping
ASCO Series 185 ATS, 100 Amp, 2 Pole, 120/240 Volt, Nema 3 Outdoor Enclosure, P/N 185A2100F4M Free Shipping
ASCO Series 185 ATS, 100 Amp, 2 Pole, 120/240 Volt, NEMA 3 Outdoor Enclosure, P/N 185A2100F4M. Sensing the loss of utility power and signaling the generator to start and restore power to your home or business – even if no one is home. When utility power has been restored, the Series 185 Automatic Transfer Switch automatically transfers your vital loads back to the utility and shuts the generator down. ASCO Series 185 Automatic Transfer Switches are suitable for operation with portable or permanently mounted standby generators supporting loads from 100 amps up to 400 Amperes. 
Residential power outages can jeopardize homeowner personal safety and comfort, and also cause millions of dollars in damages to small businesses each year.
Computers, communications, air conditioning, security systems, refrigerators and freezers, hot water heaters and sump pumps all depend on electrical power to operate.
A generator is one piece of the solution. An ASCO Series 185 Automatic Transfer Switch is the other, the vital link that makes continuous power hassle free.
Working hand in hand with virtually every brand of generator, ASCO Series 185 Automatic Transfer Switches provide around-the-clock protection from a power failure, taking action only when required.
User-friendly control interface with easy to understand symbols and visual indicators to inform operator of transfer switch and power source status
Listed to UL 1008 for optional standby systems, handling total system load including motors and all other electrical loads
cUL Listed for Canadian installations
Meets Article 702, NFPA-70 National Electric Code (NEC) requirements
Nominal service voltage 240V 50/60Hz, single phase, 3 wire AC systems
True double-throw contacts with inherent mechanical interlocking to prevent connection of generator and utility sources
Terminals for convenient connection of neutral and ground conductors
Textured RAL 7035 light beige color aesthetically suitable for residential applications
Available in NEMA Type 1 Indoor (steel) and Type 3R Outdoor (aluminum) enclosures, with hinged door designs
NEMA 3R up to 200 amp size is 24"h x 16"w x 10"D, 400 amp size is 45"H X 24"W X 10"D
Adjustable 1 or 3 second time delay for overriding momentary utility source disruptions
10 second time delay before load transfer to emergency source, to allow generator warm-up and stabilization
Adjustable 0 or 4 second time delay while on standby source to ignore momentary generator voltage dips
15 minute time delay before load retransfer back to utility source, to ensure stability of utility power
Adjustable 2 or 5 minute unloaded running time delay allows generator to cool down prior to shutdown
Weekly generator exerciser with or with out load transfer.
50 or 60 hertz operation
NEMA 3 enclosure for outdoor mounting is compatible with all 2-wire start systems from all manufacturers.
Conduit knockouts on top / bottom and both sides
Free shipping to commercial location* 
List Price: $2,276.00
Price: $839.00

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