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Kubota GL11000 USA Low Boy TM Extreme Machine
Kubota GL11000 USA Low Boy TM Extreme Machine

NEW ITEM Model GL11000 TM Extreme Machine.  2 week build time. TM stands for terminal strip connections, the load is connected direct to the generator by attaching the bared ends of the load wires to crimp down terminal provided on the genset. That means there is 3 large lugs to direct connect your load wires to instead of using twist lock plugs or extension cords. See the pdf file for a photo of this feature (pdf picture of receptacles and specs) pop up window. The LOWBOY II Series is designed to have the minimum possible height while using vertical diesel engines. This is achieved by direct coupling of the engine crankshaft with the cooling fan. Since they require less space for operation, the range of possible applications has been greatly increased. Includes single point lifting eye and openings incorporated on the bottom for fork lifts. 

NEW ITEM Kubota Diesel Model GL11000TM Extreme Machine  GL Series Low Boy, 11 kW (11 kVA) 60 Hz, with Weather Proof Housing. Kubota D722, single phase, diesel fueled, liquid cooled, electric start, 3600 RPM, EPA/CARB Tier 4. This customized diesel generator includes everything you need to make it an off the grid long run time machine. We mount it on our custom built single wall 60 gallon fuel tank, remove the factory mechanical fuel pump and install an electric fuel transfer pump, connect all the plumbing, install our 2 wire auto start module and test the machine. This model has economical fuel use of .71 gallons at 1/2 load. Running time is over 84 hours on a full tank at 1/2 load. 2 week build time required. Mounted on the fuel tank dimensions are 60" Length X 24.3" Wide X 43" High. Enclosed weight is 950 lbs. Shipping weight 950 lbs. Flat rate shipping of $550 to a commercial location will be added at check out. Possible extra fee(s) for residential delivery with liftgate service. Call for lower freight quotes.

Kubota generators provide reliable power to meet the most demanding requirements. These high quality Japanese generators are designed and built to withstand tough environments at construction sites, off the grid applications and provide dependable temporary clean power at entertainment venues and disaster recovery operations. By utilizing the latest state of the art voltage regulation and the highest quality solid state circuit boards Kubota generators are safe to use with sensitive equipment like computers, cells phones and anywhere clean power is needed.  The easy to maintain design offers quick access to all drain extensions and filters making routine maintenance even easier.

By adding our automatic start module and this unit is ready for a commercial or residential back up or an off the grid primary power source.

This model features a premium Kubota model D722, 3 cylinder, 16.3 HP, diesel fueled, liquid cooled engine with electric start. This model runs at 3600 RPM and generates 11 kW (11kVA) 60 Hz,of Standby (emergency or maximum) power and 10 kW prime (continuous) power at a primary voltage of 120/240 VAC, single phase, 60 Hertz, with voltage accuracy.
This model has economical fuel use of .71 gallons at 1/2 load. Running time is over 84 hours on a full tank at 1/2 load.
52 length X 24.3" Wide X 27.5" High. Enclosed weight is 650 lbs. Shipping weight 650 lbs. Enclosed quietness is 66 db at 7 meters.
Mounted on the fuel tank dimensions are 60" Length X 24.3" Wide X 43" High. Enclosed weight is 950 lbs. Shipping weight 950 lbs.

The price includes a factory warranty of 24 months.


MODEL Unit GL11000TM
 Type - Rotating field single-phase AC generator
 Frequency Hz 60
 Standby Output kVA (kW) 11.0 (11.0)
 Prime Output kVA (kW) 10.0 (10.0)
 Voltage - Single Phase V 120/240
 Armature Connection - Series
 Phase / Wire - 1/3
 Power Factor - 1.0
 No. of Poles - 2
 Insulation Class Rotor coil; class F, Stator coil; class B
 Type of Coupling - Direct coupled
 Single Phase 120V A 83.3
 Single Phase 240V A 41.7
 NO. OF RECEPTACLES(United Generator pdf file pictures of receptacles and specifications for all Kubota  gensets)
 5-15R (GFCI) - N/A
 5-20RA (GFCI) - 1
 6-15R - N/A
 L5-30R - 0
 L6-30R - 0
 CS-6369 - 0
 Terminal Lugs - Yes
 Type - Vertical, liquid-cooled,
4-cycle diesel engine
 Model - D722
 No. of Cylinders - 3
 Bore x Stroke mm (in.) 67.0 x 68.0 (2.6 x 2.7)
 Displacement L (cu. in.) 0.719 (43.9)
 Engine Speed rpm 3600
 Continuous Rated Output kW (HP) 12.2 (16.3)
 (API classification)
- Above CD grade
 Oil Capacity L (Gals.) 3.4 (0.9)
 Coolant Capacity L (Gals.) 4.1 (1.1)
 Starting System - Electric - 12 volt DC
 Fuel - Diesel fuel No.2
(ASTM D975)
at Full Load L/h (gal./h) 4.1 (1.09)
at 3/4 Load L/h (gal./h) 3.3 (0.86)
at 1/2 Load L/h (gal./h) 2.7 (0.71)
at 1/4 Load L/h (gal./h) 2.2 (0.59)
 Fuel Tank Capacity L (gal.) 28.0 (7.4)
at Full Load h 7.0
at 3/4 Load h 8.5
at 1/2 Load h 10.4
at 1/4 Load h 12.7
 Battery (Ah/5h) - 55B24R (12V x 36Ah)
 L x W x H
1281 x 618 x 698
(50.4 x 24.3 x 27.5)
 Approx. Net Weight kg (lbs.) 295 (650)
 Sound Level
 (Full Load at 23 ft. [7m])
dB (A) 68
 Emergency Stop System - In case of abnormal: Oil pressure, water temperature, or When the access terminal cover is opened (terminal type only)


List Price: $10,994.00
Price: $10,510.00

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