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MQP20 Single Phase 20kW Super Silent Diesel Generator with FREE options ZERO hours.
MQP20 Single Phase 20kW Super Silent Diesel Generator with FREE options ZERO hours.
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MQ 20kW OFF THE GRID SPECIAL. $17,999.00. 0 hours. 200 units Built by MQ for Verizon wireless - we had 20 left over. We are down to the last 1. This offers a prime rating of 20 kW Many other upgrades are included - see below. Only 1 left!
This is a MQ super silent diesel generator. It is Tier 4i. It has been load bank tested and confirmed to be 100% operational. It has 0 hours and stored indoors by MQ. It includes a fully charged new batterry. 
This generator includes optional quick connect cam locks electrical connections which are a $620.00 option, a three way fuel valve switch, optional Battery charger, a block heater and an extra large exrtended run time fuel tank.
MQ's patented open delta generator winding provides precise voltage control, allowing superior motor starting capability. An electronic governor maintains frequency to ± 0.25% from no load to full load. It features an auto start stop that allows the generator to start from a remote location. The unit features a powder-coated, weatherproof steel housing that allows a substantially low operating noise level of 65 dB(A). A comprehensive analog control panel provides instrumentation including AC ammeter, AC voltmeter, frequency meter, AC circuit breaker, engine gauges and much more. Fully load bank tested report included. 90 day warranty on engine, parts and labor. 90 warranty on generator end by MQ! 63 dba sound test report included. California CARB compliance test and statement of facts included. 
MQ Power Model MQPO40  is quieter than the Whisper Watt Series, Its prime rating is 20kW 60 Hz, Sound Enclosure, Perkins engine, super silent, single phase, diesel fueled, liquid cooled, 1800 RPM, electric start, Tier 4 interim certified. Features an auto start stop that allows the generator to start from a remote location or a digital timer. The unit features an e-coat powder-coated, weatherproof aluminum housing and a super large hospital grade muffler that allows a substantially low operating noise level of 63 dB(A). A comprehensive digital control panel provides instrumentation including AC ammeter, AC voltmeter, frequency meter, AC circuit breaker, engine diagnostics and much more. Free no inbound freight! You pick up in Santa Rosa, CA. If you need delivery call Mike at 707-332-0703 with your delivery destination and details.
Dimensions 75 L x 36 W x 74 H, 2400 lbs
Unit Specifications

These are brand new never used 20kW single phase 120/240 volt low speed 1800 RPM diesel generator with a super quiet sound / weather enclosure. This is custom made by Multiquip 20kW with a 30kW generator end on it. 200 were made for Verizon wireless. We used 180 on our project and have 20 extra for sale at a super discount. Retail was $31,999.00 You save $14,000.00. These are located here in Nor Cal. NO INBOUND FREIGHT! These have fully charged new batteries. Just add fuel. You pick up at our shop in Santa Rosa or I can make deliveries for additional fees. I have 3 units remaining on hand. Brand new full 90 day warranty. 
63 dB

Length 74.5 inches Width 36 Height 73.25

MEC 20TM microprocessor-based digital generator controller.
12 or 24 Volt DC compatible.
Meets all NFPA 110 requirements for emergency power systems
level I installations.
Backlit LCD display screen with alphanumeric readout.
Front panel keypad provides password protected programming.
Self diagnostic features continuously verify processing, input/output
and memory circuits.
Metering accurate to ±1% within temperature range of 0°C to +50°C.
EMI/RFI noise immunity and surge performance per IEEE C62.41.
Certified to UL508 and CSA 22.2 #14 Industrial Control Equipment
Standard Controller Features
AC Metering Display:
� Voltage/Amperage/ Frequency
� Generator Phase Voltage / Current
� Generator Frequency
Engine Information Display:
� Engine Temperature /Oil Pressure (psi)
� Battery Voltage (DC) / Tachometer
� Hourmeter
Minor Fault Warning Display:
� Switch Not In Auto
� Low Fuel Level
� Low Oil Pressure Alarm
� Low Engine Temperature
� High Engine Temperature Alarm
� Low Battery Voltage
� High Battery Voltage
� Weak Battery Condition
� Battery Charger Input Fail
� Undervoltage
� Over / Underfrequency
� Overcurrent
Major Fault Shutdown Display:
� Overvoltage
� Emergency Stop
� Loss Of Speed
� Overcrank
� Overspeed
� Low Oil Pressure
� High Engine Temperature
� Low Coolant Level
� Spare Programmable Digital Faults
Switches And Operating Controls:
� Run / Off / Auto / Load Test Buttons
� Decrement / Increment / Previous (Exit)
/Next (Enter) Program Buttons
� Emergency Stop Button
� Audible Alarm Horn - 80 dB(A) at 2 ft.
� Alarm Horn Silence Button
� Lamp Test Button
� Fault Reset Function
� RJ45 Remote Communications, External
Expansion Module Ports
Timer Countdown Display:
� Engine Start Delay
� Oil Bypass
� Overcrank
� Cycle Crank
� Starter Re-engage Delay
� Bypass Delay
Control LED Indicators:
� Switch Position (Run,Off,Auto,Test)
� Common Alarm (Minor Fault)
� Common Shutdown (Major Fault)
� Generator Ready (When in Auto)
� Speed Signal
� Emergency Stop
Diagnostic LED Indicators:
� Run Output Energized
� Crank Output Energized
� Remote Start Signal Initiated
� Common Fail Output Energized
� Watchdog - CPU Running
� Programmable Output Contacts

Rating Guidelines
STANDBY POWER: Rating corresponds to ISO Standard Fuel Stop Power. It is applicable
for supplying standby electrical power at variable load in areas with well-established
electrical networks in the event of normal utility power failure. No overload capability is
available for this rating.
PRIME POWER: Rating corresponds to ISO Standard Power for continuous operation.
It is applicable for supplying electrical power at variable load for an unlimited number of
hours instead of commercially purchased power. A 10% overload capability is available
for this rating.
SINGLE PHASE OUTPUT: Refer to Amperage chart.
Generator Specifications Standard
1-Phase Generator
Optional Full Output
1-Phase Generator
Manufacturer/Model Marathon Magnaplus 282PSL1705 Marathon Magnaplus 283PSL1706
Type 4-Pole, Rotating Field 4-Pole, Rotating Field
Exciter Type Brushless, Shunt Excitation Design Brushless, Shunt Excitation Design
Number of Leads 12 Lead, Broad Range,
Reconnectable 4 Lead
Voltage Regulator SE350, Solid State, Volts-per-Hertz SE350, Solid State, Volts-per-Hertz
Insulation NEMA MG1-1.66 NEMA MG1-1.66
Material Class H Class H
Temperature Rise 125°C, Standby Rating 125°C, Standby Rating
Bearing, Type Single, Sealed Single, Sealed
Coupling Flexible Disk Type Flexible Disk Type
Cooling Air Volume 250 cfm (7.1 m3/min.) 250 cfm (7.1 m3/min.)
Amortisseur Windings Full Full
Voltage Regulation (no load to full load) 1% 1%
Single Step Load Acceptance per NFPA 110 100% of Rating 100% of Rating

Engine Specifications
Manufacturer/Model Perkins / 404D-22GN33/1800C
Type 4-cycle, indirect injection
Cylinder Arrangement 4 In-Line
Displacement 135 in3 (2.2 liter)
Bore 3.30 in. (84 mm)
Stroke 3.93 in. (100 mm)
Compression Ratio 23.3:1
Cylinder Block Cast iron
Cylinder Head Cast iron, overhead valves
High carbon steel, forged
and tuftrided
Brake Mean Effective Pressure (BMEP) 106 psi (731 kPa)
Rated RPM 1800 RPM
SAE Gross Horsepower 32.6 hp
Governor Type Electronic
Frequency Regulation:
no load to full load
3%~5% under varying loads from
no load to 100% rated load
Frequency Regulation: Steady State
±0.5% of mean value for constant loads
from no load to full load.
Air Cleaner Type Dry

Voltage Phase Wire Amperage
120/208 Volt 3 4 69
120/240 Volt 3 4 60
277/480 Volt 3 4 30
120/240 Volt Full Output 1 3 83
Fuel System
Fuel Injection Pump Make Zexel
Recommended Fuel ASTM-D975 / No.2-D
Feed Pump Pressure 24.9 psi (172 kPa)
Feed Pump Maximum Suction Head 2.6 feet (.8 meter)
Fuel Filter Spin-on, paper element type filter
Max. Fuel Flow 16.6 gal/hr (63 L/h)
Fuel Consumption
Diesel Fuel At % of Load gal/hr (L/hr)
100% 1.5 (5.7)
75% 1.2 (4.5)
50% 0.8 (3.0)
25% 0.7 (2.6)
Exhaust System
Exhaust Flow at Rated kW 178 cfm (5.04 m3/min)
Exhaust Temperature at Rated kW 892°F (478°C)
Maximum Allowable Backpressure 40.95 in/wc (10.2 kPa)
Heat Rejection To Exhaust 1,650 Btu/min (29 kW)

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List Price: $31,999.00
Price: $17,999.00

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