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Winco W15PTOS PTO Tractor Driven Generator 515 RPM $1962 Free shipping
Winco W15PTOS PTO Tractor Driven Generator 515 RPM $1962 Free shipping
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Winco W15PTOS PTO Tractor Driven Generator 515 RPM $1962 Free shipping

Winco W15PTOS 15kw Tractor Driven PTO generator. EPA/CARB approved, CSA approved. MODEL W15PTOS, Power Rating: 15,000 Watts, A/C Output: 120/240 Volts, Cont. Current Rating: 60 Amps, Motor Starting Ability: 8 hp, Generator Speed: 3600 rpm, Shaft Diameter: 1 3/8 in. - 6 spline, Input Drive Speed: 515 rpm, Tractor HP Required: 30. Shipping weight 255 lbs. Free shipping.


You have already purchased your compact tractor so there is no reason for you to be sitting in the dark while the power is out. The WINCO W15PTOS is a durably constructed generator that is designed to increase the versatility of compact tractors by providing reliable and clean electrical power to your home, business or farm.

  • Power Rating: 15,000 Watts
  • A/C Output: 120/240 Volts
  • Cont. Current Rating: 60 Amps
  • Motor Starting Ability: 8 hp
  • Generator Speed: 3600 rpm
  • Shaft Diameter: 1 3/8 in. - 6 spline
  • Input Drive Speed: 515 rpm
  • Tractor HP Required: 30

Generator Construction

  • 100% copper windings
  • Clean power at less than 5% total harmonic distortion
  • Skewed rotors
  • Heavy duty capacitors and diodes

Gear Box

  • Cast iron gear case (we don't use aluminum gear cases)
  • Oil level sight glass

Other Features

  • Large voltmeter makes adjustments from the tractor quick and easy
  • NEMA 14-60 full power receptacle
  • Full power plug ships with the generator
  • Sturdy steel frame protects receptacles
Power Rating-Cont (watts) 15000
Voltage 120/240 1-PH 
Amps Cont. 1.0 PF 62
Amps Cont. .8 PF N/A
Receptacles 2xNEMA 5-20R (120V)
1xNEMA 14-60R (120/240V)
Full Power Receptacle Included
Full Power Plug (Included) NEMA 14-60
Recommended Tractor PTO HP 30
PTO Input Speed 515 RPM
Motor Starting 5 hp
Dimensions 37x19x20 in
Shipping Weight 242
Warranty 1 yr


The SA11310 PTO shaft fits the Winco W10/15PTOS. It is rated for 43HP and will last as long as your Winco generator.

Power Rating 15kW
Operating Speed 540 RPM
Generator Connection 1-3/8" 6 spline
Tractor Connection 1-3/8" 6 spline
Shaft HP Rating 43

PTO Trailer TDM76. Note free shipping with a W10PTOS/W15PTOS generator, otherwise add $99.00 shipping. 

Designed to work with the W10/15PTOS, this 2-wheel off-road trailer allows you to easily move your PTO generator around to different locations if needed. Shipping weight 70 lbs.


PTO Shaft for W15PTOS Add W15PTOS Shaft SA11310 (+$240.00)
Trailer for W15PTOS Add Small PTO Trailer Kit TDM76 (+$300.00)
List Price: $2,320.00
Price: $1,962.00

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