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Generac designs and manufactures a complete line of automatic transfer switches to meet the requirements of virtually any emergency standby application.

RTS Transfer Switch
RTS transfer switches are designed to operate with our R-Series Digital Controllers (opens in a new window) . Available in both single and three-phase versions, these proven, open transition transfer switches are ideal for residential, commercial and light industrial applications. Both standard RTS and service entrance rated transfer switches feature NEMA 3R enclosures for indoor or outdoor use. All standard RTS and distributed load center transfer switches are UL and CUL Listed. NEMA 1 rated.   Spec Sheet RTS spec sheet

Distributed Load Center Switch
This 100 amp transfer switch has a pre-wired, integrated load center for simple installation when only selected emergency circuits will be served by the generator. Pre-wired flexible internal conduit and seal tight external conduit provide simple connections all the way from the generator to the 8, 10, 12, 14 or 16 circuit transfer switch.   Spec Sheet SpecSheets/0184210SBY.pdf

Service Entrance Rated Switch
Our service entrance rated models include an integrated main breaker that eliminates the need for a separate service disconnect when backing up all of the electrical loads in a building. The switches are UL 1008 listed with a UL rated circuit breaker on the utility side of the transfer contactor for full downstream protection.   Spec Sheet  RTS spec sheet

CSA Certified Service Entrance Rated Switches
Generac is proud to offer the first ever, CSA approved service rated transfer switches for Canadian use. These switches use patent pending technology to allow for use in whole house applications in Canada. The switches are available in 100 and 200 amp ratings for single phase applications. The switches employ CUL rated circuit breakers on the utility side of the transfer contactor for full downstream protection. The aluminum enclosure is rated for NEMA/UL Type 3R installation and is fully protected from the elements. Spec Sheet RTS spec sheet

PowerManager® LTS
The PowerManager LTS is designed to allow the most efficient use of the generator by monitoring and managing the backed up essential and non-essential circuits. If the generator approaches overload condition, the non-essential circuits are cycled off, allowing essential circuits to remain powered. It features a built-in, 16-circuit priority load center, a main contactor that protects the essential circuits and a secondary contactor that protects non-essential circuits. The service entrance-rated, NEMA 3R outdoor/indoor-rated enclosure has a side-opening hinged cover and conforms to 2008 National Electrical Code sizing standards.    Spec Sheet SpecSheets/0181710SBY.pdf

GenReadyTM Load Center
The GenReady load center is a hybrid panel that operates as a normal load center and also allows for seamless integration of standby generators. It is available in a NEMA 1 configuration for indoor installations, or in a NEMA 3R configuration for outdoor applications.   Spec Sheet SpecSheets/0181710SBY.pdf

  • No need for additional installation labor
  • No need for extra sub-panels or a transfer switch
  • Accepts up to 40 circuits with the use of tandem breakers
  • About the size of a standard 42-space main load center
  • Utilizes standard Siemens panel board components
  • Compatible with generators rated up to 125 Amps / 30 kW
  • Two GenReady load centers can be supported with a single generator

View the GenReady video  
Download the GenReady brochure 

HTS Transfer Switch
The HTS transfer switch is a "smart switch" designed to operate in conjunction with the PowerManager® H-100 controller. HTS switches have a 2-wire RS485 communication link to the controller. Utility voltage and phasing are monitored by the HTS switch along with signal before transfer timing, time delay neutral and in-phase transfer. All timers and voltage set points are remotely programmable via GenLink®  communications software.

External LED displays on the outside of the door show the switch position, indicate when the generator is operating and whether or not the utility is available. An external, 3-position test switch allows testing in either normal or fast mode without opening the cabinet. HTS transfer switches are available in 100 to 2600 amp models with a choice of NEMA 1, NEMA 3R or NEMA 12 enclosures and are rated to all classes of loads.
HTS 100-400 Amps Spec Sheet             HTS 600-1000 Amps Spec Sheet            

HTS 1200-2600 Amps Spec Sheet 
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